I am NellColeman and I’d like to welcome you to my world. Here I aspire to inspire with  my life as a bald woman, my thoughts, modeling photographs, words of encouragement, and my fabulous blessing called The Bald Movement. Feel free to browse around andexplore all of the greatness I have to offer you today. I hope you enjoy it just and much as I enjoyed putting this together to share with you. 

Id love for you all to check out this amazing gift that was blessed upon me called The Bald Movement. The Bald Movement is a movement that empowers women and children of all races and ages in their reason or desires of being BALD. Many woman have made the conscious choice to be without hair, others have been placed in a circumstance of medical or physical situations, rendering these women or children without a choice of being bald. The Bald Movement is here to erase the adage that hair is everything and ADD that we as individuals are everything and that hair is like an accessory, whether you have it or not, it doesn't define who you are, You do. Embrace your Baldness no matter the cause, you're beautiful just as you are. For more details visit www.TheBaldMovement.com

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